Why Hiring Mothers Will Transform Your Business

For a long time now, employers have been skeptical about hiring mothers because of the countless responsibilities mothers have to constantly juggle between. It is falsely believed that mothers cannot give their all to work because of the demanding personal lives they have. However, how many people without kids can say that they don’t have a demanding schedule?

Everyone has a multitude of tasks to take care of but it’s the mothers who hold their heads over their shoulders all day long, even at night. As an entrepreneur leading a diverse team at Third Rock Techkno, I have witnessed how mothers can make fantastic employees. Here are my two cents on how mothers can bring value to an organization like no other kind of employees can:

Mothers Are Great At Multitasking

With demanding children, a house to run and a social life to maintain, women evolve into a unique species that is capable of keeping track of a thousand tasks in their head, all the time.

I distinctly remember an incident where a friend of mine had hosted a dinner for close friends. With the intention to help her with the preparations of the get-together, I arrived at her home an hour earlier. It was then that I realized mothers are called superwomen for a reason. I saw her baking a dessert, while also helping her daughter with her homework and helping her husband set the dinner table. Her 3-year-old son yelled from inside having broken a flower vase. My friend, without losing her calm, took control of the situation at once and managed everything so well that the friends who joined us later didn’t even realize what all had happened before everything was ready for dinner.

This ability to stay composed and carry on with the work in testing times is an invaluable quality at any workplace. Hiring mothers is good for your business because a mother is capable of calmly working and managing a number of things even when there is an unexpected increase in the workload and the deadlines are tightening.

Mothers Are Organized

A mother has gone through phases that require a person to be exceptionally good at organizational skills. Right from their kid’s infancy, mothers are super quick to adapt their schedules in order to meet the demands of their child while also taking care of their own health. As the child becomes a toddler, it is the mother who manages to organize her day in a way that her child’s school and other activities are taken care of at the right time. A mother possesses exceptional time management skills to help not just herself but her entire family to stick to their respective schedules every single day.

Thus, mothers can prove to be some of your best hires. With their experience of managing rotating priorities, they can visualize the end result of a project in advance and plan all the tasks involved in a way that helps your organization pull together projects in record time. As a manager, a mother can effectively lead a team towards an organized workflow and help them manage their time in a more productive manner.

Mothers Are Dependable

With changing trends in workplace culture practices, the definition of dependability has evolved. Dependability is no longer confined to being available at the work desk nine hours a day. Employers are now emphasizing an employee’s ability to deliver work that exceeds their expectations and that meets the deadlines over the number of hours they spend at the office.

We, at Third Rock Techkno, greatly appreciate our team members who are not only full-time employees but also full-time mothers. As a leader, I have had first-hand experience of how mothers are always the ones to go beyond the call of duty and deliver superior results even though they may not be available at the office during all working hours. Whenever a mother needs to take a couple of hours off to attend her child’s annual function at school or to tend to their child when he or she is sick, she compensates for the time off by working at hours that fit in their schedule on such unusual days. We are happy to provide this flexibility to all the mothers in our teams because we have seen them provide far greater value to the organization in return. They understand and acknowledge that everyone in the team is willing to help them strike a remarkable work-life balance. This motivates them to work even harder for the well being of the organization as a whole.

Mothers are resourceful

Raising a child transforms an individual into a highly resourceful person. Whether it’s making a fancy dress costume for their child at the last moment or making their child finish their school project, mothers have to rely on whatever is available to them and make the best out of it. Once there is a goal, a mother will make sure that she works around with the available resources and gets the job done anyhow. They don’t believe in giving up simply because that option doesn’t exist for them. As an individual, their most valued commodities are their time and resources and this becomes an ingrained personality trait for them. When you hire a mother, she brings her resourcefulness to your organization. Working mothers help you implement smart solutions where the time and financial constraints are high.

To facilitate a culture shift — hire a mother

Having mothers as a significant part of your team will foster a culture of flexibility and work-life balance in your organization. They bring a contagious energy to the workplace that keeps the entire team energized and organized. All you have to do is provide a little flexibility to them. In return, you are sure to get twice the output in half the time and an unmatched loyalty as an employer.



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Tapan Patel

I am the Co-Founder of Third Rock Techkno, a leading IT services company with a strong focus on client success.