JavaScript UI tools for building efficient interfaces of web applications, quickly

JavaScript UI and CSS Tools
JavaScript UI and CSS Tools

If you came here looking for highly popular JavaScript libraries, let me save you some time. This blog post isn’t for you. There are a plethora of resources out there talking about the “top so and so” JavaScript resources. I don’t want to add to the pile.

I am here to talk about the real MVPs, the lesser-known gems that don’t get the due attention in the overcrowded JavaScript ecosystem.

Some of these tools are libraries and some of them are frameworks. However, most of them are emerging technologies…

The importance of agile methodology in software development is well known today. Agile raises the performance benchmarks of your development team and leads to a better-coordinated project management approach. However, in the globalized world today, outsourcing software development has become the second most popular trend in software development. In fact, some companies have now started adopting the agile methodology in their offshore development processes too. Their objective is to combine the advantages of outsourcing with the flexibility of agile development processes. However, this raises the question:

Can software outsourcing and agile development really work together?

Challenges of implementing the agile methodology in offshore software development

Keep Your Work-From-Home Team Motivated
Keep Your Work-From-Home Team Motivated

The coronavirus pandemic knocked our socks off with no warning. One fine day we were working at our offices and hailing cabs to get home after a long day, and just the next moment, our worlds were plummeting in front of our eyes.

Caged in our own homes for our own safety, most people thought of waiting out the contagion, but since it has become quite evident that this one’s not budging any time soon, people were left with no other option but to start working again.

Now, under these circumstances, how do you motivate your team that has been…

Suppose you want to build a lovely dog house for your cute, little dog. Imagine you had to do everything by yourself, from cutting wood to making paint and assembling the entire structure for the dog house. It would be quite a time consuming and cumbersome process, right?

The smarter thing to do would be to purchase certain parts & paints and then put together the dog house on the basis of a blueprint.

So when it comes to building a robust web application, sometimes the smart thing to do is to take the help of a JavaScript framework. If…

IT Staff Augmentation
IT Staff Augmentation

In light of the damage caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, the world is finding newer ways of survival. The IT industry has to become the torchbearer for the rest of the industries to emerge stronger. If I asked you what is that one key factor that will help companies survive through these testing times, what would your answer be?

According to me, it’s the ability of the business to scale up and down as the situation demands.

Now that the organizations have gone completely remote, hiring talent has become even more complex. During this period of uncertainty, IT companies have…

Effectiveness of Software Development Team
Effectiveness of Software Development Team

Measuring effectiveness and productivity is very tricky when it comes to a job like software development. The lines of code written or the number of hours spent at the office are not how you decide whether a developer is effective in their job. This is mainly because in a competitive industry like ours, quality almost always surpasses the quantity of the job done.

I believe the simplest way to define productivity or effectiveness for a software development team is getting the desired results in less time, the emphasis being on “desired results.”

The term “desired results” should be very specific…

For a long time now, employers have been skeptical about hiring mothers because of the countless responsibilities mothers have to constantly juggle between. It is falsely believed that mothers cannot give their all to work because of the demanding personal lives they have. However, how many people without kids can say that they don’t have a demanding schedule?

Everyone has a multitude of tasks to take care of but it’s the mothers who hold their heads over their shoulders all day long, even at night. As an entrepreneur leading a diverse team at Third Rock Techkno, I have witnessed how…

Here’s how we built a thriving culture using 5 simple tips:

positive workplace culture
positive workplace culture

Yesterday, my team members were busy doing the work they do the best when suddenly a thought crossed my mind. While looking at my team enjoying, and may I say, chilling at the office, I realized that for us, it’s not just a duty to come to our workplace. It is, in fact, a privilege to work together. The entire credit for this goes to the positive workplace culture we have collaboratively created at Third Rock Techkno. Since we spend a huge part of our day at the office…

Like many ambitious entrepreneurs before us, our contemporaries and the
entrepreneurs of tomorrow, we too made mistakes. My baby -Third Rock Techkno was born in 2015. In this reflective piece, I look back on our journey as entrepreneurs and my company Third Rock Techkno in its startup phase.

Mistakes, upsetting as they may be, shouldn’t define and control us. There is always something to learn from even that one mistake. “Experience is the best teacher” is an adage that we didn’t take too seriously when we were younger. Experience, whether good or bad, positive or negative can give us valuable…

Tapan Patel

I am the Co-Founder of Third Rock Techkno, a leading IT services company with a strong focus on client success.

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